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Become a Peer PAL

NAMI Peer PALS LogoPeer PALS are individuals who have experienced their own major mental illnesses, but have achieved a considerable degree of personal well-being and stability. Serving as a friend and mentor, each PAL must have a strong desire to help others and be willing to be assigned for six months to someone who is in the beginning stages of his/her recovery. PALS receive ongoing training and supervision by the Peer PAL Advisor for the duration of the assignment. Pals work four hours per week and are paid $11.25 per hour.


  • Education: Completion of the NAMI Peer-to-Peer Education Course, or equivalent mentor certification
  • Knowledge of client groups and/or issues related to the program area

To be considered for a Peer PAL position please email us at for more information.

Peer Pal Advisor


The Peer PALS Advisor is a person in recovery who has a background in counseling.  The Advisor works mainly with the Peer PALS Coordinator, and PALS who they see once a month during the PAL trainings.

The Advisor and PAL work together to feel out solutions that address the program standards.  Examples of problems discussed are chronic late visits, “no shows”, and requests for money or services such as moving and cleaning. For example, should peer pals move their peer clients’ belongings from one housing situation to the next? Much depends on the PAL. Are they desiring to assist? Are they physically capable? Are they uncomfortable moving someone’s belongings? Should the peer clients pay them for this service? (No money should be exchanged in Peer PALS). The Advisor and PAL enter into a discussion that examines the specifics of the situation, as all relationships are different.

The Advisor is responsible for:

  • Serving as a resource when PALS have questions or concerns regarding their Peers.
  • Conducting and p monthly training sessions for PALS
  • Working closely with the Coordinator when issues arise.

To be considered as a Peer PAL Advisor please email your resume to: